Monday, February 11, 2013

On Writing by Stephen King

Not so much an instruction book as it is an inspirational book, On Writing by Stephen King is a completely candid look at how and why King is an author.  There are pages on the mechanics of writing included in the book, but even those are offered in an enjoyable-to-read format.

Throughout the book, I had to underline here and there.  On a blank back page, I would notate those pages that had underlines.  These marked items were, to me, the jewels of the book...gems of the writer offered to an interested public.  Some of these items were very profound...others were common sense that I was glad to be reminded of.

All in all, this book will remain on my bookshelf for future reference.  If you pick up this book thinking that by reading this you will become a famous, rich author, just put the book back down.  If you are interested in learning about Stephen King's journey through life as an author, with special gems sprinkled throughout, then this is the book for you.