Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eat Your Peas Faithfully by Cheryl Karpen

Thank you, Booksneeze, for providing this gift book for me to review.

Why is it that so often we fail to turn to the one source who can solve any problem; who can allay any fears; who can soothe any hurt? We struggle on our own to fix life’s dilemmas until we reach the point where we are completely dismayed. Then, we remember God, and turn to him with our problem; our fears; our hurts.

Eat Your Peas is a small gift book that reminds us to be faithful in all things at all times. It is filled with affirmations and encouragements. It reminds us to “let go and let God.”

In simple yet delightful ways, the author brings hope through her wise words. Each two-page spread is focused on one concept pertaining to faith and faithfulness.

Although the book is short and can be read in a few minutes in one setting, it is jam packed with uplifting thoughts that can help you focus on God. It reminds you that with faith in God, all things are indeed possible.

This book is a book that you could give as a gift to anyone that you love. They will feel that love through the words of this book.

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