Sunday, March 28, 2010




A couple of weekends ago I went to my 5 year-old grandson's soccor game.  I love to go watch how much he and his teammates have learned up to this second season.  In the beginning, most of them would become distracted by something, like a butterfly, and stand on the field watching the butterfly rather than the ball.  This season, I can see them attempt to turn the ball, to stop the opposing team's goal, and even to try to take the ball from the other team.  Yep!  They have come a long way!

But this last game I went to, my grandson suddenly had to go to the bathroom.  His coach sent in a replacment player and off he went.  When he came back, he gave his mom a bouquest of dandelions, then took the last dandelion in his hand and gave it to me.  I was so touched by the sweetness of his presentations.  They were dandelions, okay, but at that moment they couldn't have been more beautiful or more precious than a bouquet of orchids.  I admit that I carried my treasured bloom to my car when the game was over, even though it had already started to wilt. 

And so, you see, a weed is not always a weed.  Sometimes a weed can be one of the beautiful things of life that make living really worth it!


  1. Isn't it nice, that when the grandchildren present you with a dandelion, you know that they have seen the beauty in it that we now miss because we're "grown up" and we know it is a "Weed".

  2. You're right, Sherry! We need to see the world through children's eyes to find true joy! And actually, I do think that dandelions are pretty!