Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oklahoma Humor

On our trip to Tennessee, we drove through Oklahoma on Hwy 40, and in the Eastern part of the state was a huge, HUGE lake called Eufaula Lake. It was a huge body of water and the highway went over it, making the lake dominate both sides of the highway.

It wasn’t what I would call a pretty lake…it was the same red color as the soil in Oklahoma…a terra cotta color…and that made it look really muddy. I wondered if there were any fish in that lake, and if so, who would want to eat them. In my mind I imagine the fish would taste like Oklahoma dirt!

Just on the eastern side of the bridge we saw a sign that said “Alahtahwatah Road”. That totally cracked me up. We certainly had just passed a lot of water!

Apparently if you wanna live in Oklahoma, ya gotta have a sense of humor!

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