Wednesday, February 9, 2011

KFC "Honey"?

Why It's Important to Read the Label

Recently my husband and I order KFC with biscuits, butter and “honey”.  While preparing my biscuit I noticed that the honey packet actually said “Honey Sauce”.   “Sauce?” I thought.  “Why does this say sauce?”  Then I noticed in the lower right corner a disclaimer that states “7% real honey”.  When reading the ingredients list, I was surprised to learn that KFC “honey” is really mostly corn syrup and sugar.  Who knew?  For many years we fed out children this honey for their KFC biscuits believing we were actually feeding them honey, which is a natural sweetener.
Henceforth, we plan to provide our own real, 100% honey when we eat from KFC.


  1. Wow, I had no idea! Why in the world would they use a honey substitute???

  2. Jean, I believe it must save KFC a bundle to serve this swill rather than real honey. It's always about the bottom dollar in the US.