Friday, January 28, 2011

Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones

Thank you Booksneeze, for sending me this book!

Lucy is the founder of Saving Grace, a non-profit home for girls who are too old to stay in the foster care system, but too young to make it on their own. Suddenly, Lucy discovers that there isn’t going to be the generous funding needed to keep her operation open for much longer.

Enter Alex. Alex is a rich playboy football player who is now running for political office. But Alex doesn’t have the votes needed to win. His playboy past keeps the voting population from taking his bid for Congress seriously. What Alex needs is a “wife” so he looks more stable than his past play-boy image.

Put the two together and you get a recipe for disaster! Each has what the other needs…but they dislike each other; intensely! This is a NOT match made in heaven…or is it?

Unlike romance novels I have read in the past, this story has charm and high entertainment value. This Christian author has a marvelous sense of humor that comes through in her writing.

If you want to read a book purely for entertainment, I highly recommend Save the Date.

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  1. I love Book Sneeze. I'm waiting for some children's books to review.